Backorders Delayed due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Backorders Delayed due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

At Phone Parts NZ we stock thousands of parts and accessories in New Zealand. We have a stock management Algorithm in place to predict stock levels, this keeps our stock levels at a Just in Time model so we can ensure we cover the wide range of parts available on the market.

This means that from time to time, more popular items may become out of stock and on backorder from time to time where less common items may be on Backorder for a prolonged time.

We place our backorders 3 times a week and normally turnaround 95% of our backorders between 5 – 10 Days (Delivered to your door)

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, our suppliers are under pressure with limited staff and strict export customs, whilst New Zealand is also keeping a close eye on our borders. This has resulted in severe delays in our streamlined backorder process.

Currently, we have a backlog of all orders from 3-weeks ago that are on hold and we expect to be able to process these orders for sending between the 20th and 25th of February.

At this stage, things look like they will speed up from now on but will possibly be slightly delayed. This could change with the development of the epidemic.

If you have any items on backorder and have not received a confirmation of dispatch, please feel free to contact us via the online chat on the website or sending an email to

We are working hard to resume business as normal and have steps in place to make the backorder process as fast as possible. Please note that we are experiencing a higher than normal rate of inquiries and there may be a delay in getting a reply.

Phone Parts NZ will work with anyone who has been affected by the delay to come up with a solution that works for everyone.

Backorders are clearly marked on the website for each product and on your order confirmation. Thank You for your patience and understanding.

6 thoughts on “Backorders Delayed due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

  1. Hi just wondering if back orders are still getting delivered or how long that is taking? I am just wanting an iphone6 screen

    1. Yes, backorders are still happening. Our backorders are taking 2 – 3 weeks at this stage but we do have these screens already on backorder and they are due in over the next week.

  2. Do you have batteries for Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360G in stock? What would delivery time be?

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