Samsung Galaxy Curved Tempered Glass

Samsung Galaxy Curved Screen Protector

Edge-to-Edge Protection for the Samsung Galaxy Phones with the Curved Spreen Protector.

There has been lots of confusion around the Samsung Galaxy S7 Tempered Glass! Many customers ask why their Tempered Glass doesn’t fit or is too small.

The standard screen protectors we sell along with all others on the market are much thinner than the screen itself. The reason for this is that the S7 screen curves to the sides, YES, the S7 also curves. Same goes for the S7 Edge the Tempered Glass does not cover the whole screen.

While these still provide great protection for your phone, especially when using a decent phone case you do not get complete screen coverage.

Introducing our new range of 3D Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, these screen protectors are manufactured with the curvature of the screen and the Edge of the S7 Edge. Giving you complete Edge-to-Edge protection.

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