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Fitting our Hydrogel Screen Protectors

Hydrogel Screen Protector Installation

The Hydrogel Screen Protector consists of 4 layers. Only 1 of which is the screen protector. Following the instructions ensures proper use of the screen protector.

  1. – Remove any protectors on the screen, new phones often come with a thin plastic protector that will need to be removed.
  2. – Using the Wet & Dry Wipes, clean the screen until spotless.
  3. – Remove the white layer from the protector, be sure the next layer remains intact (the second layer is in 2 pieces and cut in the middle.
  4. – Place the exposed two half protectors over your phone until you align it correctly.
  5. – Peel back one half of all 3 layers back to the halfway split, and pull back the half protector so that the gel screen is now touching your screen, using a Credit Card or Plastic scraper, push the gel protector down against the phone, pushing the half layer out.
  6. – Repeat this process with the other half.
  7. – You can now run your card/scraper up and down the screen protector to get any excess bubbles out.
  8. – Remove the top layer and you’re done!

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