Top 10 Tips for Techs

Today we are outlining the Top 10 Tips for Techs

We have a strong relationship with many Phone Technicians and thought we would share the top 10 Tips we have found that could help you out. If you are a Tech Store or just like to pull your Phone apart this is for you.

  1. Germs – It may be unknown to you but most mobile phone screens and internals harbour more germs than a toilet seat, if you’re touching other people’s mobile phones regularly you could be spreading some nasties as well as introducing some ugly viruses and bacteria to your immune system.
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  2. Warranty – The truth about manufacturer warranty.
    If you are asked to do a repair or doing your own repair on a 2-month-old iPhone or Samsung smartphone yes you will void the standard 1-Year Limited Warranty.  However, the manufacturer will not cover for accidental damage, therefore, the warranty will already be void. The customer can weigh up if they want to fork out for a new phone or face up that there is no more Warranty.
  3. D.I.Y Techs – A Repair stores worst nightmare.
    If you are not confident in being able to complete your phone repair, do not even start. The worst thing a Tech Store gets faced with is someone turning up with a phone in bits with a bunch of screws. This is a complete nightmare and will not only but your tech in a bad mood but will end up costing you more in the long run.
  4. Basic Tools – No matter who you are.
    You always need to make sure you have a decent repair kit, adhesive tape, parts grabber, a magnetic mat, sim card tray removal tool and some cleaning cloths.
  5. Basic Knowledge – She WON’T be alright!
    If you’re opening your own phone or anyone else’s just remember we are pretty attached to our phones. You don’t want to do is screw it up! It will probably pay to have a few old phones first before just going at the top devices!
  6. Save a Drowned Phone – There may be life!
    If you come across a water damaged phone, there could be hope. If the phone has not long been in the water, remove the battery and back cover, wipe dry and put the phone and battery in a container filled with rice and shredded newspaper. After a day or so attempt to start the phone. One last attempt, or maybe a good idea even if the phone started working would be to clean out the logic board, charge ports and antennas with some Glue Cleaning Solution this will not damage the boards, if unsuccessful you could attempt to leave the logic board in the solution for a few hours, especially if the water exposure was some time before you got your hands on it.
  7. Battery Removal – Always disconnect the battery before replacing parts.
    Batteries or their connectors should never be removed using metallic objects. This can pierce the battery causing it to explode or short or you could short the IC Chip. While not impossible to fix you won’t find many technicians that will micro solder another one in for you.
  8. IMEI – Common Mistake
    Don’t forget that some phones have the IMEI number printed on the back cover, sim card tray or housing. If you are working on more than one phone don’t mix them up. If you are replacing parts just remember these numbers and look out for them. Remember you can get the IMEI number off any Phone by dialling *#06#.
  9. Buying and Selling – Beware
    If you’re buying broken phones to sell them just remember every purchase could fall through. Especially phones with cracked screens. Further problems can lie beneath. Many stolen phones are sold simply by smashing the screen, if the phone is blacklisted it’s no good to anyone, you can check the Blacklist register here. Criminals move quickly if they sell the phone before it’s reported stolen by the owner, it will become blacklisted in your possession.
    Buying an iPhone with a broken screen can be tricky, make arrangements to meet up with the seller again so they can clear all their stuff off including their iCloud Account and passcodes. For more info please visit Apple’s support forum at

Test, Test, Test

Test all the phones functions before and after the repair, this way you know what was working and not working beforehand. Ensuring you plugged everything in before handing the device back to the customers. Checks Include Camera Front and Back, Ear Speaker and calls/signal, Loudspeaker, Vibrator, Flashlight, WiFi Signal and Charging.

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