6 thoughts on “Ticket system

    1. Hey Moanna,

      I have just looked into this and cannot find why it wasn’t sent. I will sort this out for you as soon as possible, bear with me though as I have moved all my stock into boxes and working from home and still trying to find everything.

  1. I am yet to receive my order, Are you able to please update on delivey?
    Or am i able to request a refund?
    Transaction number: #367831246

    1. Hey Anthony,
      Apologies for the delay, just a little hectic running the business from multiple rooms in my house. You should receive this by Friday.

  2. Hi Jamie and the phone parts Team
    It was good you come across you on a google search for and S6 battery in NZ , and being essential meant I could purchase now and receive them during lockdown 4 .
    Was cautious to make an account before I had seen how the purchase panned out ,and sort of regret that now seeing your attractive points systems .
    Web site was easy having pictures for all the parts confirms correct item should appear and what is associated or not, sent quickly even when a back order note was flagged 🙂 impressive !
    So very glad too of found such a good ‘local’ (same Island and country) supplier of good quality small internal phone parts for all the Brands .
    Many Thanks

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