Top 5 Ideas to use your Smartphone for Fitness

Top 5 Ideas to use your Smartphone for Fitness

Smartphone Fitness Apps & Ideas

Smartphone Fitness. More and more people are now thinking about their health and fitness. Smartphones have now become your personal trainer. Here are some tips to maximize your fitness with your Smartphone.

    1. S Health (Android)
      For you Samsung devices S Health track all of your, sleep, blood pressure and water consumption tracking. If you’re into your fitness and own a Samsung. S Health is for you.
    2. My Fitness Pal (iOS & Android)
      My Fitness Pal is available on Android or iOS as Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker. If you want to track your food in more detail than S Health or don’t own a Samsung this App is for you.
    3. FoodSwitch (iOS & Android)
      Not sure if you’re picking the best brand for your health. Quickly scan the barcode on the product you want to buy to get a full list of better options you can buy.
    4. Running Armbands
      Love to take listen to music. Check out our running armbands, with a whole for your headphones and even your front door key.


  1. Wireless Earphones
    Don’t trip over your earphone wires. With these wireless headphones, you can keep your phone in your pocket while you listen, talk and skip your music or conversation.

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