Charge your Phone without wires!

Charge your Phone without wires!

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging technology has now been around for a few years now and even comes built in on the latest phones. It allows you to charge your phone when placed on the QI Wireless Charger/Transmitter.

Not only does this look cool and fashionable but it reduces cords on your desk or bedside cabinet it saves can save the phones charge port as well as the cords itself from becoming broken. You can even use the QI Charger when the charging port is completely bust. Get one for your desk, car, lounge and car today!

Is my Device Compatible?

In short, any device is compatible using our Micro USB Universal Receiver, where the receiver piggybacks off your Micro USB Charging Port.

However, we do have more efficient cases and add-ons for many devices which allow the wireless charging capability

These days many phones come with the Wireless Receiving Capacity built in like the;

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 and above
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and above
  • Microsoft Lumia 920, 928, 950 & 1520 and above
  • Google Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7 and above

​​Charge in the Car?

You can charge your phone in the car just by using this cradle, check it out here.

Wireless Charging Car Vent Phone Holder

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